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Ellora Visek :: About



I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, an environmental engineer and a Yoga teacher.  Teaching Yoga for me it is a complementary life style to all otherparts of my life. I started Yoga to clear my mind during my PhD studies and I got inlove about the way that it benefits my body and mind. I got used to have such a powerful tool to align myself to whatever is reasonable and beeing present in the moment.

During my stay-at-home-parent perdiod I took the decition to invest my time in the quality of mine and my family’s life and moreover, in the quality of mine and my husband’s  retirement. Therefore, I followed the 200H Yoga Teacher Trainning at the Asheville Yoga Center in spring of 2018. My purpose was  to practice for retirement. For me now, each and every class is a practice for retirement. My husband is a refrigeration engineer and a mountain biker and for retirement we are thinking to plan many Cycling-Yoga retreats. I am Romanian and my husband is Slovak, we both love Croatian seaside so most probably we will organize our retreats arround the places which we already know.

Currently I am teaching Align and Stretch and Prenatal and Postnatal classes at a cozzy studio in a cute little town, Weaverville.  I couldn’t be happier to emerge into the little friendly ecosystem of Weaverville Yoga Studio, where I can teach myself how to teach.

I am interested in body and mind alignement especially combined with cyclism, jogging and hiking. I am learning about biomechanics and  meditation to help me focus in my daily activity and I like passing all the information which I gather to my students.

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